Moorooduc uses the Be You framework to organise and monitor our student wellbeing programs. Be You promotes mental health and wellbeing, from the early years to 18 years, and offers educators and learning communities evidence-based online professional learning, complemented by a range of tools and resources to turn learning into action. Be You empowers educators, helping them to develop valuable mental health skills and knowledge, while also providing an effective model for implementing a whole-learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Be You is an Australian Primary Schools’ mental health initiative which targets five component areas across the school.

The component areas are: Mentally Healthy Communities, Family Partnerships, Learning Resilience, Early Support and Responding Together

Part of the Moorooduc School grounds is a 330 metre (approximately) running track. The track winds around the school, passing the chicken coop and interactive garden. It is used to improve the general fitness of all children and laps are recorded on a special card. Children receive a certificate acknowledging their persistence and effort at numerous milestones such as ten, twenty-five, fifty and one hundred kilometres. It is also utilised in training sessions for Cross Country running


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