Community Events


Moorooduc Primary School is not merely a school but a vibrant hub of community engagement and celebration. Throughout the year, we celebrate events that not only foster teamwork but foster diversity and unity within our school community.


  • Colour Run: An extravaganza fosters fitness, fun, and community spirit.
  • Harmony Day: A celebration of cultural diversity, where students and families come together.
  • Footy Day: Students proudly wear their team colours and engage in friendly competitions, celebrating the Aussie spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Grandparents Day: A heartwarming occasion that honours the contributions of grandparents.
  • Christmas Concert: A showcase of talent and creativity, where our students spread joy and festive cheer through Christmas Carols.
  • Silent Disco: A unique experience that allows students to groove to the rhythm of their favourite tunes.
  • Mother’s Day Stall: A gesture of appreciation, where students select thoughtful gifts to express their love and gratitude to the incredible women in their lives.
  • Father’s Day Breakfast: A celebration that honours fathers and father figures who are welcomed to share a coffee or breakfast together.

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