Physical Education


At Moorooduc Primary School, our physical education program is about fostering a lifelong love for movement, health, and well-being. Through a balanced curriculum that combines structured lessons with opportunities for free play and exploration, we aim to empower our students to lead active, healthy lifestyles and become confident, resilient individuals both on and off the field.


Foundation Years

In the early years, our focus is to create a strong foundation for physical development through our Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). This program is designed to enhance students’ eye-hand and foot-eye coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Through engaging activities and exercises, our Foundation students develop fundamental movement skills that will serve as the building blocks for their future participation in various sports and activities.


Grades 1-2

As students progress to Grades 1 and 2, they continue to build upon their foundational skills in physical education. Each week, students enjoy a dedicated 60-minute physical education lesson, where they engage in age-appropriate activities, games, and exercises designed to
promote physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork. Our students develop their fundamental physical skills through a variety of activities that encourage active participation and engagement.


Grades 3-6

In Grades 3 to 6, our students further enhance their physical abilities and sportsmanship through our Senior Sport program. In addition to their regular physical education lessons, students participate in a weekly 60-minute Senior Sport session. During these sessions, students have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of sports, including football, soccer, tennis, cricket, netball, softball, teeball, and other team and group games. Through out the year students will have greater opportunities to represent their school in individual and team sports through Sporting Schools Victoria in areas such as athletics, swimming, triathlon, cross country, cycling and a range of traditional team sports trained during senior sports. When competing at District and Regional level students represent the school team ‘The Ducs’.

Along with sport specific coaching and engagement students also have exposure to Bike Education and Alternative Sport. Our Alternative Sports programs promotes sports or recreations in our community that offers new opportunities for our students to try. We offer programs such as fishing, rock climbing, bushwalking, self defence, dance, archery, golf and lawn bowls. Our aim is to expose students to a variety of sports and activities, allowing them to discover and develop their interests and talents while honing their fundamental and group sportsskills.

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