As Moorooduc is developing today’s children into tomorrow’s adults, we believe in the total development of the child which includes not only academic success but social and emotional well-being too.

The acclaimed ‘You Can Do It!’ program has been wholeheartedly embraced by Moorooduc as a positive approach to student welfare and personal development. It has proved to be an extremely successful addition to our curriculum with positive feedback from students, parents, teachers and the wider community.

This program encourages all students to reach their potential (academically, intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally) by using the five “Keys to Success”- Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience.

Confidence – in accepting myself, taking risks and being independent

Persistence – in everything I do, working hard, giving things a go (I think I can, therefore I can!)

Organisation – in setting goals and planning my time wisely

Getting Along – in being accepting of others, thinking before I react, playing by the rules

Resilience – in bouncing back, staying in control, keeping the situation in perspective.


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